Listed here are some publications, available at the library of the United Nations Association of Slovenia. The library is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

United Nations:

Yearbook of the United Nations
Statistical Yearbook
World Economic Survey
Report on the World Social Situation
UN Monthly Chronicle
Le Courrier de l' UNESCO
ILO –  International Labour Review
FAO – Unasylva
UNDP – Choices  /  DPI
UNDP – Annual Report
UNDP – Human Development Report
UPDATE – UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
UNCHR Refugees
UNESCO Glasnik
UNICEF  Annual  Report  / UNICEF Slovenija
IAEA Bulletin
WHO  Press Release
Bulletin of the WHO  / Pisarna WHO
WHO – Note for the Press
UN Connections  / Glasila WFUNA
New World  / UNA UK
Vereinten Nationen  / UNA Deutschland
Destination UN / UNA The Republic of China

Foreign periodicals:

Foreign Affairs
Le Monde Diplomatique
National Geographic
Scientific American
The Economist
Der Spiegel
Intelligent Jeune Afrique
L' Express
Paris Match
OECD Observer; Annual Report
New Statesman
Journal of International Relations

Domestic periodicals:

Dnevnik and Nedeljski dnevnik
Primorske novice;  Sobota
Nova revija
Teorija in praksa
Naša žena
Planinski vestnik
Novi Matajur
Primorski dnevnik
Novice – slovenski tednik za Koroško