Celebration of United Nations Day

(Photo - Martin Brumec)

Every year, on the evening before the United Nations (UN) Day, the UN Association of Slovenia (UNAS) with strong support of volunteers of UNAS Youth Section, organizes the UN Day Celebration.

This year was no different when advocates of the UN values gathered on Thursday, 23rd of October, at the University of Ljubljana.

Among the guests there were also the President of Slovenian National Assembly and UNAS Vice-President Dr. Milan Brglez and director of UN Information Service Vienna, Mr. Martin Nesirky.

After introductory speech by Dr. Bojko Bučar, UNAS President, in which he enlightened the role of the Association and its volunteers in Slovenia, Mr. Nesirky addressed the gathered audience. In his speech, he returned to the original values and principles of the UN Organization, which will celebrate its seventieth birthday next year, written in the UN Charter. While pointing out the importance of the Charter, he humorously took the pocket version of the latter out of his blazer. All the duties and promises of the Charter were inspired by the end of the Second World War with a hope for a better world without war and violence. He did not avoid current issues presenting threat to those values, such as the rise of Islamic state in the Middle East, challenges of the modern medicine and recent outbreak of Ebola virus. After inspirational speech by Mr. Nesirky, UNAS President Dr. Bojko Bučar and UNAS Youth Section President Adriana Aralica awarded authors of best Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the field of United Nations. The theses were evaluated by the commission with following members: Dr. Jožef Kunič as president and Professor Dr. Mirjam Škrk and Professor Dr. Bojko Bučar as members:

The guests enjoyed a beautiful performance by composer and pianist Aleksander Jakobčič, who performed two authorial compositions. Afterwards the gathered audience committed themselves to further promotion of UN values and enlarging the presence of the organization in Slovenia. The evening ended with a pleasant informal debate between the guests and the UNAS volunteers.

Article by: Sabina Carli

Translated by: Maruša Božič