Working for United Nations: Career Opportunities

Mr. Martin Nesirky, director of United Nations Information Service Vienna. (Photo - Martin Brumec)

In the past month, marked with the beginning of a new academic year, the United Nations Association of Slovenia in cooperation with United Nations Information Service Vienna and University of Ljubljana Career Centres, organized a workshop to present career opportunities within the United Nations Organization.

The presentation led by Mr. Martin Nesirky, director of United Nations Information Service Vienna, was organized at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The workshop was a part of Mr. Nesirky's visit to Slovenia during which he met with some important representatives of Slovenian foreign policy, governmental and non-governmental organizations. He also honored the celebration of United Nations day, organized by United Nations Association of Slovenia, with an excellent speech.

Concluding from the variety of audiences and demonstrated interest, the workshop was a big success. It was attended by students of social sciences, law, foreign languages, as well as by students of natural sciences such as biotechnology and electrical engineering. Questions from all study fields were answered, pointing out the diversity of career options within the United Nations system. Mr. Nesirky kindly explained that the United Nations does not employ only students of social sciences, but is also in need for staff from different areas of expertise, for example environment, health and energy.

Different career options in United Nations system were presented: the United Nations staff categories, Young Professionals Programme, associate expert programme, volunteer and internship programmes, temporary jobs and consultants. The students also got the chance to learn how to apply for the job and to hear about the importance general tests.

The biggest interest was shown in the field of internships and Young Professionals Programme. Mr. Nesirky warned about extremely competitive examination of candidates for job admission while he pointed out that the candidates from Slovenia have always proved exceptionally good.

Article by: Sabina Carli

Translated by: Maruša Božič