39th WFUNA Plenary Assembly

Dr. Hans Blix and Bostjan Jerman24 August 2009 - The 39th WFUNA Plenary Assembly, hosted by the UNA-Republic of Korea, was held from 9-12 August 2009 in Seoul.

The Plenary Assembly is the supreme organ of the Federation, responsible for pursuing and achieving our objectives as a peoples’ movement for the United Nations. UNA Slovenia actively participated in the Plenary to contribute to WFUNA’s policy positions as well as program of activities.

WFUNA President Hans Blix was presiding over the Plenary Assembly, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Han Seung-Soo were speaking at the opening ceremony.

UNA Slovenia was represented by Boštjan Jerman, which also took part in WFUNA's competition 'Students for a nuclear weapons free world. He prepared a project proposal for a campaign for a nuclear weapons free world. WFUNA received 40 project papers and the best six were awarded, among them also his project proposal.

Part of every plenary are informal talks between delegates, where they are trying to find possibilities to cooperate. UNA Slovenia had the chance to make narrow bonds with the delegation of the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria and Mexico. In any case we will use this momentum to make common initiatives. However, we have a common interest to strengthen the UN, therefore we are aware that together we can achieve much more.

In the attachment you can find the agenda of the plenary, whereby you can find more information at the official WFUNA website

PA39 Provisional Agenda 30072009.pdf43.78 KB