Cooperate with us


Membership is for everyone interested in the activities of the UN and the role and position of its member states and wish to contribute to achieving the goals of the association. Benefits:

  • attending lectures, commemorations and other events of the association
  • using the library of the association
  • membership discount for excursions arranged by the association
  • working for peace and cooperation among nations
  • attending meetings of the assembly
  • voting and being elected into the organs of the association.


Volunteers are the main pillars of the association. Their activities include assisting in the library and organizing the activities of the association.

Become a member

Any person who is a national of Slovenia or any other EU member country or has a temporary or permanent residence in Slovenia can become a member of the association provided that she/he accepts and abides by the statute of the association and pays the membership fee.

Membership in the association is volontary.

The annual membership fee for students and pensioners is 7€, for working people 15€.

If you wish to become a member you can email us at (also via the contact form) or send a letter to:

Društvo za Združene narode za Slovenijo
Cankarjeva 1/II
SI-1000 Ljubljana

We will then contact you with further information.